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BaGua History: The grand carrier lineage of Yin Style Bagua is as follows:

Dong Haichuan (1797 – 1882)

Yin Fu (1840 – 1909)

Men Baozhen (1870 – 1957)

Xie Peiqi (1920 – 2003)

He Jinbao (1955– present)

A quick history of Yin Style Bagua is as follows (for a more complete version, please see:

Yin Style was founded by Dong Haichuan during the 1800s. This was around the time Dong entered the service of Imperial Prince Su Wen as martial arts instructor. Yin Fu challenged Dong, lost and became Dong’s student and the two traveled in what is now Inner Mongolia collecting taxes for imperial court for twenty years. Yin Fu later became the personal bodyguard of Emperor Guang Xu and Empress Dowager, the highest prestige position of its kind in the entire country. Royal merchants along with the imperial court depended on Yin Fu’s Bodyguard Company for protection. Yin Fu taught the complete baguazhang system to Men Baozhen who taught Xie Peiqi, who taught He Jinbao the current grand lineage carrier.

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